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If you’re looking for a cabin builder that can deliver lasting quality through time-tested construction methods, you’ve come to the right place. We are happy to work with commercial and residential clients in London, KY and the nearby areas, we can handle a wide variety of projects!

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How Our Cabins Are Constructed

Our Amish Builders use only the best material available. The shells are all constructed from premium D-Log siding that’s got the best on the market stain. Our logs are screwed on, not nailed like most of our competitors are. Our metal roofs are #1 grade 29 gauge metal with 40 years warranty on fading. Our porches are the #1 treated material.

The walls are 2x4 on 16” and covered with OSB & wrapped house Dupont House Wrap. The floors are on 4x6 treated Base runner Beams with 2x4 or 2x6 floor joist, the customer's choice. The subfloors are 3/4” Advantech or Equivalent with a Lifetime Warranty.


We offer varieties of services outside of our premier custom cabins. With the best methods, we welcome both commercial & residential work clients in London, KY & nearby areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions About Foundations

Yes, our cabin will need some type of a foundation under them to support their weight. Otherwise they will settle over time causing the structure not to be level which may cause doors and/or the windows to not open or shut properly.

The different types of foundations:
– Strip footers
– Perimeter footers
– Wooden platform or stilt type
– Perimeter footers with block foundation
– Basement
– Poured concrete slab

Foundations vary in cost based on the type of foundation that is best fit for the customer and on the location. This is because materials costs vary from town to town and state to state.

Yes, you most definitely can do you own foundations yourself or hire your own contractor to help you get it installed. We, at Premier Custom Cabins, have a project manager that will gladly work with you or your contractor to get the job done & done right!

We can put our cabins on a full basement that we have constructed for the customer or if the customer chooses to have their own basement done to accomplish the task. This task will require the rental of certain equipment to be used and the customer is responsible for these costs.

You can have your cabin floating on a lake in the water. We have a great design to make our cabins floatable for our customers. We have helped many customers fulfill their dreams of having a house on the water that’s powered by generators or solar powered. Let us help you.

Questions About Delivery

We deliver some of our cabins and we build some on site! The ones we deliver, are brought in on a truck and a large trailer. So we must have a very good roadway and site to deliver them to. We can help with questions and concerns for delivery any time!

Customer must have any tree or limb removed out of reach of hitting the cabin that might cause damage to the trucks or custom cabins themselves.

That’s a good question! We can deliver to any state that is bordering Kentucky. Any states beyond this needs prior arrangements for transportation.

The biggest cabin we can deliver is a whopping 16 feet wide by 60 feet long, 2 story cabin 1920 square feet.

We offer the first 50 miles of delivery for free. Any miles over that is calculated per mile based on the cabin style & size. We can quote delivery charge if any.

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